Salon Comfort is an innovative technology company focused on building products for the comfort of salon customers. Our philosophy centers on delivering a luxury experience at an affordable price. We are pleased to introduce the Spallow System — a salon neck pillow and adapter engineered to fit the curve of most salon sinks. Using a Spallow eases discomfort for salon customers during shampoo, coloring and other sink-based treatment processes. Spallow is the only product of its kind to meet the demand for comfort, health, safety, sanitation, aesthetics and practical engineering required by salon clients and enterprises alike.

Spallow Neck Cushion with Spallow Logo

We believe that relaxing experiences are important to well being. We want you to enjoy your time at the salon and leave feeling relaxed, relieved and refreshed. Our new product is geared to help you do that. Watch for additional products from Salon Comfort soon.


Salon Comfort was established to address a longstanding need by the beauty industry to solve the problem of neck discomfort when reclining at the salon sink. The founders of Salon Comfort noticed this unmet need and established a team to address it. Medical research shows that people with neck problems, who frequently visit a beauty salon, risk developing a painful neck condition, dubbed Salon Sink Radiculopathy. This disabling condition damages nerve roots running from the spinal cord to extremities. Neck pain associated with Salon Sink Radiculopathy and less severe conditions is aggravated (and may be caused) during salon sink shampoos by the awkward positioning of bones in the neck. Our innovative neck rest pillow transforms even the utilitarian hard-body salon sink into a softer, gentler place, resulting in a more relaxing experience for most people.

DISCLAIMER: Spallow was developed to facilitate a more enjoyable and relaxing experience at the salon sink. It is not a cure. It's a comfort. Salon Comfort does not recommend Spallow as an alternative to appropriate medical care for neck pain. If you suffer from neck pain,
we encourage you to see a qualified healthcare provider.


Throughout our product development cycle, the Salon Comfort team solicited feedback from prospective customers. We are pleased to report that response to our early generation prototypes was positive and enlightening. When developing Spallow, we invited both salon customers and professionals to test our products and share their thoughts and suggestions. We then integrated that feedback to continually improve our product and ensure that Spallow does what it is designed to do: help reduce stress and discomfort associated with resting one's neck in a salon sink. 


"I have always disliked having my hair washed when getting my hair cut because the neck area on the salon sink is hard and uncomfortable. Since developing neck disc problems, my dislike turned to dread because putting my neck on the hard salon sink was very painful. Then I was introduced to your sink neck pillow during your product testing and it made a world of difference — no more neck discomfort or pain when getting my hair washed! It fits securely on the salon sink, so all I have to do is rest my head in the neck area of the sink, lean back and enjoy a relaxing hair wash. It is awesome!!! I will take my Spallow to all my salon appointments. It will fit easily in my purse and the provided pouch is going to keep it clean and sanitary between appointments."