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“I just had my hair appointment yesterday and this pillow made a HUGE difference! I have been in physical therapy for 4 years due to neck and TMJ issues. Having my hair washed has always been a trigger. For the first time, my neck felt supported. No pain. CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!” 

- Karen S. Portsmouth, RI


“Constant applied pressure to a small area of the neck on a hard surface can cause a myriad of problems, including neck pain, triggering of migraines, ‘pinched nerves,’ and joint swelling. I recommend the use of a soft pillow like the Spallow to avoid these types of injuries.”
—  Vincent M. Rahal, D.C. (Chiropractor)

“I finally had an opportunity to get a little pampering at my hair salon, and WOW!  I was really impressed by the difference your product made.  I usually HATE the sink, I'm tall and my neck is long and skinny, which makes for a painful experience with a 5'3" stylist, but the Spallow was a wonderful comfort, and I will be keeping it in the car for future visits!  You are really on to something here!”

--- Kimara, Orlando, FL

"I was at a stop sign, at a full stop, 20 years ago and I was rear ended by a man driving 55 miles an hour. My neck has bothered me since.  The SPALLOW WAS THE ONLY THING THAT GAVE ME RELIEF AT THE SALON SINK, EVER. THANK YOU!"

--- Donna B.  Arkansas



"I had surgery in the cervical and lower cranial area in May and I waited as long as I could to get my hair done after because just laying flat on my back was very painful and I couldn't even imagine using a sink at a salon! The first time I went was so painful I had to hold my head up with my hands while the woman washed out my hair and the back of my shirt was all stained from the water running down. The second time, 7 weeks later, the hair stylist provided me a thin foam pillow which did not give much relief so I still had to hold up my head with my hands. This last time I was able to try the Spallow. I admit I was skeptical beforehand, but was so pleased with the outcome. I didn't have to hold my head up at all! There was still some pressure of course but I was able to lay back the entire time and I love the pink color! I highly recommend this product to anyone with neck or back troubles and to everyone else! Even before my surgery the salon sinks were uncomfortable and I would have loved the Spallow then as well!"
— Starr G, Miami, FL

"I wish I had thought to invent this myself. It makes so much sense."
— Suzanne K, Albany, NY

"I just tried out Spallow for the first time at the salon sink. As someone with longstanding neck pain issues and prior neck surgery, I can attest to the fact that Spallow was surprisingly comfortable and was responsible for the most comfortable salon shampoo I've ever had. "
— Donna A, Melbourne, FL