July 7, 2016, Rockledge, FL — CBS News reported on March 3, 2016 that a California woman was suing a San Diego beauty salon because she said getting her hair washed there in January 2014 nearly killed her. About two weeks after her salon visit, doctors told Smith she suffered a stroke, BuzzFeed and other media, such as television's News 10 San Diego, reported.

"Doctors said a CT scan revealed that an artery in Smith's neck had been damaged by leaning back in the beauty parlor's shampoo chair and sink," according to the CBS News report."When a patient is leaning their head back, you could possibly tear or irritate these posterior circulation or have these kind of strokes," neurologist Dr. Clifford Segil told CBS Philly, as reported in their online report.

 The New York Times had reported the medical connection between salon sinks and neck health as far back as 1993, yet the salon industry has not mounted a serious effort to address the issue. As reported, "THE position commonly used for shampooing at beauty salons, with the neck tipped far backward over the edge of a sink, can diminish the blood supply to the brain, sometimes precipitating strokes in older people, a new survey has found.

"In today's issue [April 28, 1993] of The Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Michael Weintraub described five women between the ages of 54 and 84 who developed serious neurological symptoms requiring hospitalization after shampoos at beauty parlors.

The patients suffered from a variety of complaints attributable to poor blood flow in arteries leading through the neck to the back of the brain, including severe dizziness, imbalance and facial numbness. Four out of five suffered strokes leading to permanent neurologic damage."

A popular health and wellness show recently took interest after the stroke victim in San Diego went public with her story.   "The Doctors" were joined by attorney Areva Martin to discuss the case of Elizabeth Smith, 48, who suffered a stroke after hyperextending her neck while getting her hair washed at the salon in San Diego. Could you be at risk? See video embedded above.




November 2, 2015, Rockledge, FL — Salon Comfort, developer of innovative products for the beauty industry, has solved the problem of neck pain suffered at the salon sink with release of its innovative Spallow System. The system combines a proprietary neck rest and sink basin adapter for comfortable neck support during shampoo, coloring and other sink-based treatment processes, while combating neck pain and injury.

Salon clients, hair care professionals, orthopedists and chiropractic physicians agree that extending one’s neck backwards over a salon sink creates a level of discomfort ranging from annoying for most people to potentially dangerous for individuals with cervical disc disease. The backwards neck extension, combined with time over the sink basin, can actually exacerbate neck injury.

Researchers at the New Jersey Medical School in Newark report that people with neck problems, who frequently visit a beauty salon, risk developing a painful neck condition. Medical doctors have dubbed this condition Salon Sink Radiculopathy: the effect of awkward positioning of bones in the neck when extended over a salon sink. The condition damages nerve roots running from the spinal cord to extremities.

Said Vincent M. Rahal, D.C (chiropractor), “Constant applied pressure to a small area of the neck on a hard surface can cause a myriad of problems, including neck pain, triggering of migraines, ‘pinched nerves,’ and joint swelling. I recommend the use of a soft pillow like the Spallow to avoid these types of injuries.”

Until now, the approach for relieving neck stress at the salon sink was to place a towel under a customer’s neck. Towels provide only minimal relief. They also get wet, sometimes dampen customer clothing, and also must be laundered, which make them  impractical for clients and salon owners alike.

"The Spallow System with its unique neck cushion is the only product of its kind to meet the need of salon clients and enterprises for comfort, health, safety, sanitation, aesthetics and practical engineering," said Donna Anselmo, marketing consultant and media director.  "As someone who has undergone corrective neck surgery, I know firsthand the impact this product can have on neck wellness, and most people I speak with say, 'Why didn't I think of [developing] that?'"

Salon Comfort's proprietary combination of viscoelastic Memory Foam and gel—inside a leather-like luxury fabric—comes with a portable salon sink basin adapter as well as a package of Spallow Caps to keep the Spallow neck cushion clean and dry during sink processes.

For more information about Spallow System or Salon Comfort, please contact Media Director Donna Anselmo at 321.622.4138, visit or call 1.855.772.5569.


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