If you know what it feels like to lay your neck on a hard salon sink,
you will love the comfort our Spallow neck cushion provides.


I was inspired to create the Spallow neck cushion to help ensure comfort during and after a salon sink shampoo. Why? A couple of years ago, after I surprised my wife with a gift card to her salon, she was very happy with her new hair style. But, the next morning I discovered she spent the night and the next morning putting ice packs on her neck. Her problem was caused by the uncomfortable, unnatural position of her neck at the Salon Sink.  I was determined to come up with something that would change that. I wanted a solution that would provide comfort at the Salon Sink for my wife and others like her so people will enjoy their pampering at the salon.

I talked with many Salon Stylists and surveyed people who frequent Salons. My market research revealed that many people felt the same discomfort my wife did at the salon sink. I learned that no one likes sitting with their neck hanging over the salon sink and, yes, for many, the shampoo experience is very uncomfortable. Many people say they dread that part of the Salon Visit. Some hairdressers told me they have clients who refuse to get their hair washed at the salon because they don't want to lay their neck over the salon sink.

Salon Comfort hand demonstrates area of hard salon sink rim.

Discomfort at the Salon Sink is the Number One Complaint in Salons. 


Spallow neck cushion selection in pink, cream and black with carry bag.

The Spallow System is Now Available in Three Different Colors— Pink, Cream and Black
and includes a drawstring tote bag.

The Spallow neck cushion shown with a Spallow cap to keep Spallow clean and dry.

The Spallow System also includes a supply of disposable Spallow Caps to keep your Spallow neck cushion clean and dry at the salon sink.


To solve this longstanding problem,  I assembled a three-person team to help develop the right product and plan for getting it into the hands of people who need it. We and eventually added a marketing consultant to the team. We began with basic research of commonly used salon sinks, and then purchased two sinks to experiment with. At the same time, we experimented with a number of common materials as we developed the basic idea behind the sink insert and the Spallow pillow. We started designing handmade prototypes for the Spallow insert. The initial Spallow pillows were slightly different than our final version and evolved along the way until we created the final product, which we named and trademarked Spallow.

We eventually landed on our  proprietary combination of Memory Foam® and gel, and continued testing  prototypes, and making improvements until we developed a very soft cushion that comfortably supports the neck. Each Spallow cushion is hand sewn into a luxurious leather-like cover. The Spallow is packaged with a flexible, molded-foam basin Adapter with a built-in Velcro® tab that aligns with another durable Velcro tab on the Spallow pillow. The Adapter fits nicely into the neck depression of virtually all salon sinks. After the insert is set on the sink rim, the Spallow cushion attaches easily and snugly to the adapter. Lightweight, Water resistant, and Anti-Microbial, the Spallow can be cleaned with just normal household cleaner, if needed. It also comes with a supply of Spallow Caps, to keep the Spallow clean and dry at the salon sink. The Spallow, adapter, and caps all fit into a small drawstring carry/storage bag that fits in a purse and weighs less than a cell phone.

We self tested early prototypes with family and friends. Prototyping studies helped us develop our early 3D conceptual model and related drawings, which, in turn, helped us communicate our design concept to the various suppliers we started working with. Over two years, we developed various versions of the Spallow basin adapter, which we initially 3D-printed. As we got closer to the final design, we had silicone molds created so we could experiment with different types of foam and develop the most flexible product—a flexible adapter molded to fit salon sinks.

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(Sept 2013 – June 2015)
The video below offers a glimpse of the Spallow sink insert development process.


The Spallow Neck Cushion System was developed to fit a wide variety of sinks.
See our video below.


The video below illustrates some parts of how the Spallow is manufactured and the high level of care and quality that is placed in each Spallow.

your neck will thank you.TM