Everyone loves a luxurious experience. Yet a salon sink shampoo often creates discomfort leading to or exacerbating neck injuries. Salon clients, hair care professionals, orthopedists and chiropractic physicians agree that extending your neck backwards over a salon sink creates a level of discomfort ranging from annoying for most people to potentially dangerous for those individuals with cervical disc disease.

Researchers at the New Jersey Medical School in Newark report that people with neck problems, who frequently visit the beauty salon, risk developing a painful neck condition. Doctors have dubbed this condition, Salon Sink Radiculopathy. This neck condition—which damages nerve roots running from the spinal cord to extremities—is aggravated (and may be caused) during salon sink shampoos by the awkward positioning of bones in the neck.

Until now, the only option to relieve salon neck stress was to place a towel under a customer’s neck. Towels provide only minimal relief. They also get wet, sometimes dampen customer clothing, and must be laundered, which make them an impractical solution for clients and salon owners alike. Have questions? Visit our Spallow FAQ and view a quick animation showing how the Spallow fits into a salon sink.

ENJOY LUXURY.  The soft luxury of Spallow comes packaged in an attractive carry bag, along with a basin adapter for a perfect fit in most salon sinks. Scaled and packaged for easy portability, Spallow is convenient for salon guests and hairdressers alike.

END WORRY.  Every Spallow purchase comes with a six-month supply of sanitary covers to protect against moisture and stains.

GET COMFORTABLE.  Designed by Salon Comfort—for your comfort—the Spallow neck rest enables a luxurious, relaxing experience for salon clients. The patent-pending Spallow System helps eliminate neck discomfort at the salon sink. Uniquely engineered with Memory Foam and a soft gel interior, the Spallow provides exceptional comfort and support. The light-weight Spallow fits into a lightweight portable adapter to ensure a relaxing experience during salon shampoos and sink-based processes. Better still, Spallow is covered in soft, leather-like, water-resistant fabric.

PAMPER YOURSELF.  It’s hard to relax when you are in pain. Don’t put up with a hard, porcelain sink depression. Instead, sink into the soft cushioning of a Spallow and better enjoy your salon shampoo and scalp massage.


your neck will thank you.